Radio, TV and that Damned Media

And Everyone Stole From Shakespeare, Right?

Not trying to pick a fight here. Promise.

I just get really tired/annoyed by almost daily emails and comments to this here blog accusing me of stealing content from 1310 AM The Ticket.

Got this one Monday for example:

"I read Whitt's End and, seriously you hack, you never have an original thought. Everything I read from you or hear from you I've already heard on The Ticket. You're (sic) jealousy makes you suck."

My responses?

1. Thanks for reading and listening.

2. Should have been "your" jealousy, not "you're."

3. Absolutely not true.

Again, I wholly respect The Ticket and especially the Dunham & Miller morning show. But ...

On Monday from Rangers Ballpark Newy Scruggs and I were broadcasting live on 105.3 The Fan when I spotted two women in high heels and uppity dress, and another dude wearing a Rangers jersey with his own name the back. l called them out, they giggled and off we went into a couple of segments of what was appropriate attire at a baseball game.

No A-Rod jerseys. No Yankees jerseys. No dresses. No overalls. No caps with propellers on top. That sort of thing.

So this morning on the way to work what did I hear on The Ticket? "What to wear to games" talk.

In no way, shape or form am I accusing the top-rated station of stealing an idea from 105.3 The Fan. Just saying, if it was reversed - if we did the segment two days after they did it - my inbox would be filled with angry, obscenity-laced accusations.

Make sense?

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