And How About Them Council Races?

"Math" Pulle just phoned from county election HQ and wanted to point out that after early voting on May 12, Leppert had a five percent lead over Oakley -- now, he's got a 19 percent lead. He's just sayin'.

Math also has some council updates. In Oakley's old district, No. 3, David Neumann has a comfy lead -- with 1,647 votes, or 56.52 percent -- over Joseph Hernandez, who has 1,267 votes.

In District No. 5, Don Hill's old stomping grounds (where The Dallas Morning News chose not to endorse a candidate), Vonciel Jones Hill is way up with 1,065 votes, compared to Betty Culbreath, who has only 669 votes. That's fairly stunning, for those keeping score at home,

And in District No. 7, Carolyn Davis, who got 1,118 votes, good for nearly 60 percent of all early ballots cast, compared to Donald Parish's mere 775 votes, good for only 40.94 percent of the vote.

And in the last council race, for No. 8, Tennell Atkins -- who filed for bankruptcy and sued the city -- got 53.24 percent of the vote. He's beating former municipal judge Charles Rose, who got 46.76 percent of the vote. Give 'em hell, Tennell! --Robert Wilonsky

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