And In Other News

For those who have had their fill of strange preachers or who plan to wait to hear directly from God before accepting Doyle Davidson as a latter-day prophet (good plan), the dead-tree edition of the Dallas Observer has a few other tidbits that might interest you. Such as:

Jim Schutze writes about Dallas City Council's touching devotion to thousands of low-income tenants at Timbercreek Apartments. Yes, the council bravely stood up to monied interests that want to bulldoze the homes...oh, wait. The poor folk are getting evicted. We were thinking of a less heartless money-grubbing city.

Richie Whitt reports on the chicks and horndogs at the Byron Nelson, the area's largest swingers' party. Golf clubs, we mean (not really).

And as a special treat, we include our annual Summer Guide, a compendium of fun stuff to do, eat and drink this season. Grab it, because it may become a collector's item: It's one of the rare times we write about summer without including a single photo of a hot woman in a bikini. (Yeah, we know. Read it anyway.)

The issue is being placed on newstands even as you read this. What are you waiting for?

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