And Now, Our Best App Ever: The "Best Of" App

Allow me to introduce you to The Company's Best Of app for the iPhone, which has just launched to great acclaim. Long story short: Need to know best place to get a strong drink? Done. Best convenience store in which to eat a meatball sub? Boom. Best record store? Click. Download from the iTunes store. Right now. It's not even behind a pay wall.

And before you jump into the comments wondering where your Android app is, it's coming -- April, so "they" say. Or, hell, just go here on your desktop or mobile device.

Incidentally, it's not merely an at-the-touch-of-your-finger recap of the Dallas Observer's most recent Best of Dallas issue, but a compilation of 32 cities' best-ofs -- from Atlanta and Austin to Washington, D.C. Says the memo from the boss: more than 10,000 to-dos from which to choose. So it's perfect for you, glamorous traveler. You too, person who never travels outside the 635 loop.

The perfect companion to our calendar app. And happy hour app.

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Robert Wilonsky
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