And Now, The YouTube of Dallas

Nice to see someone's found a use for our former home at 2130 Commerce: Reid Slaughter, founder of Park Cities People and former Cowboys & Indians publisher, and Jeff Hinson's YouPlusMedia, whose local offering is essentially the "YouTube for Dallas," in the words of our own Daniel Hopkins -- who, lookie here, is hosting a show called Downbeat Dallas, first ep starring the great Doug Burr. The Dallas site, which officially launched yesterday, is but one of several in the works -- they're also looking to expand into Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. "Convergence media"! Without the :CueCat.

I've called Slaughter to talk shop, and congratulate him on what he's done with the digs, but here's the precis from the site:

You+Media was founded with this crazy idea that we should work together, not against each other. Most of us come from traditional media and we want to see it succeed, so we've developed ways to combine our platform with yours to our mutual benefit.

There are five basic ways we work together: sharing content that's already created; combining resources to create new content; cross-promotion of your media and ours; creating and producing great events; and sharing advertising revenue streams on combined projects.

So far, so good: The videos thus far posted to the site are beautifully done, especially the Jefferson Boulevard and White Rock Lake shorts but even the ones that are clearly intended to be advertisements for the likes of Oceanaire, Eno's and other eateries. Cross-promote? Don't mind if we do: Our old pal Justin Terveen will also be contributing videos to You+Dallas. Or is it YouPlusDallas?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.