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And the Court Battle Between Railroad Museum and the City of Dallas Gets Just a Little Uglier

It was but one week ago we revisited, after some time off, the legal brouhaha between the Museum of the American Railroad and the City of Dallas, which sued to remove the museum from Fair Park almost a year ago. For those not keeping score: The museum said in early '08 it would move to Frisco. But the museum hasn't budged, and the city wants the land back for the State Fair of Texas. Museum officials have said time and again that fund-raising efforts aren't going as hoped, and only last week, the Frisco city council voted to extend the move-in date to May 2012.

Which brings us to yesterday's court filing, in advance of a scheduled January 25 trial date: William Brotherton, attorney for the museum, filed docs in which he insists the city has stonewalled its discovery efforts and is claiming "illusory immunity." Brotherton's also not pleased with council member Ron Natinsky, who last week turned in his written deposition, much of which has to do with this Unfair Park item in which chair of the council's Economic Development Committee detailed his efforts to find space and money for the museum at Fair Park. Brotherton now wants Natinsky to submit to an oral deposition, and he's asking for a whole laundry list of sanctions against the city.

Yesterday's filing follows, and it includes Natinsky's deposition. Drinking game: Take a shot every time you see the words "Unfair Park."

December 13 MAR Filing

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