And, To Top It Off. (Updated.)

And, To Top It Off. (Updated.)

I called Jim this morning at 6:30 -- wanted to make sure he was still meeting me at 7 on the West Levee, at Beckley Avenue and the Continental Avenue Bridge, for this morning's "topping-off" ceremony of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Mayor Tom would be there; Kay Bailey too. Maybe even Dave Neumann!

He waved me off. Said, "It'll never work." I told him, "But. But. But. The press release says 'an historic photo opportunity.'" He hung up.

Bummed I'd lost my breakfast-taco buddy, I turned on the computer and watched the sunrise on the Cal-cam aimed at downtown. It proved a wise move, as what was scheduled for 7 did not take place till precisely 8:57:12 a.m., as evidenced by the official time stamp on this souvenir postcard already on sale at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport gift shops, the Conspiracy Museum and Ray's Hardware & Sporting Goods. No doubt someone's grabbed a better photo, but none more official nor historic.

Update Sunday at 4:36 p.m.: While we were out today, the 6-year-old who lives in my house wanted a closer look at the finished arch. Asked if he could take some photos. I told him sure, Jim would be proud. His favorite photo follows.

And, To Top It Off. (Updated.)
Harry Wilonsky


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