Angela Hunt Has Your Bunny

Well, OK, maybe it's not your bunny. But it's somebody's, because the kindly council member swears her temporary house guest isn't a wild hare: "He's a tame bunny," she says. "It's apparent he's house-trained." And she'd like him back in the house in which he belongs, which is why she asked Unfair Park to post his picture (awwww) and this note:

I've got a bunny on my hands that needs to get back to its owners. My husband and I were driving home around 9:30 last night when I saw a white bunny dart across the street and hide under a parked car (at the corner of Mercedes at Laneri). We nabbed him and took him home (apparently rabbits like Cheerios -- the closest thing to rabbit food we had). We suspect he escaped from his family, and are sure they are looking for him.

So, if that is indeed your bunny, e-mail her ASAP. The community bulletin board is, as always, open for business. Also, after the jump, what we believe to be footage from Hunt and husband's daring rescue last night. --Robert Wilonsky


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