Angela Hunt to Travel to D.C. Next Month to Explain How Dallas Balances Its Budget

By cutting funding to libraries, eliminating raises (or just paychecks) for City Hall workers, raising taxes, closing pools, deferring maintenance on pothole-ridden streets and privatizing parks clean-up? I kid. Only, I don't. Anyway. This just in from Dallas City Hall: Angela Hunt, a 2008 recipient of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, has been invited to Washington, D.C., on September 9 to take part in what's being billed as a financial-crisis round-table sponsored by the German Marshall Fund and the Urban Land Institute.

This is what the city's press release says: Hunt's been asked to join Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed; New York City Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs; and Stephen Hughes, head of the Birmingham, England, city council, to "highlight innovative policy decisions and strategies used by the City of Dallas to balance the budget." The discussion, incidentally, is formally known as "Local Leadership and Innovation During a Financial Crisis."

Says Hunt in the city's statement, "Over the past three fiscal years, we have met challenges and overcome obstacles resulting from the global economic recession, and most importantly, we've been able to live within our means while still providing the services our residents and business owners want most." I think a liveblog's in order, Joe. FYI.

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