Angels 5, Faders 2

The good news: The Texas Rangers got seven more hits and two more runs last night than they did on Sunday.

The bad news: They suck.

With a 5-2 loss to the Angels, the Rangers - who held a 5 1/2-game lead to start the month - are now 2 1/2 games in arrears as we stumble into July. Again, pitcher Vicente Padilla wasn't horrible, but Texas managed only two runs on back-to-back solo homers by David Murphy and Marlon Byrd.

The Rangers are 10-15 in June and flirting with their worst hitting month since their innaugural season in 1972. Worse, nobody seems to care. Last night's attendance: 16,985.

Started to feel bad for the Rangers, but then I watched the "Rangers Live" post-game show on Fox Sports Net. Ugh. Rangers' fans who were behind the set, may I have a word with you? Follow me please ... 

I don't care if you've never been on TV, if your team loses its third straight game and is plummeting in the standings you DO NOT JUMP UP AND DOWN. You don't hold up your baby. Don't flash gang signs. Don't point to your cap with a huge shit-eatin' grin on your dorky face.

Do any of these things after a loss to the first-place Angels and you're an idiot.

As for my analysis of the game and its lingering impact ... it's right here.

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