Apparently June Jones Is (Update: Not?) Leaving SMU for ASU, Which Is Apparently Great (Update: Awkward!) for SMU

Update, 3:42 p.m.: This could get awkward. Yahoo! is now reporting that several sources are saying June Jones will not be ASU's next coach, because -- well, basically because of all those Tweets below, or whatever the big-money-booster equivalent of bitching on Twitter is.

Original item: After rescuing the SMU football program from the pits of irrelevance and dragging it onto the shores of semi-relevance -- an act of heroism scheduled to continue with today's expected 4 p.m. move to the Big East -- June Jones looks to be bolting the Park Cities for a place where those Hawaiian shirts won't stick out so much: Arizona State.

Fox Sports reports that Jones pulled his assistants off their recruiting road trips and told them to meet back in Dallas this morning, where he was expected to tell them that he's Tempe-bound. Which, for casual football fans, may seem like a blow to the Ponies, who were just collecting enough momentum to make Boulevarding, if not actually attending the games, a Thing to Do.

But here's the flip side: If you believe SMU's increasing relevance positions them to land another, better coach -- a ladder-climber on his way to BCS, say -- then this might actually be good news for local football fans. Because here's what ASU fans are saying about the prospect of watching a Jones-led Sun Devil team.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.