Apparently, The Dallas Morning News and Startlegram Have a New Competitor?

A Friend of Unfair Park wonders: What in the wide, wide world of sports is up with this job listing on the Texas Workforce Commission's Web site:

Experienced Journalist / Reporter(s) with work experience in the greater Dallas - Fort Worth market. Prefer 10 or more years experience in journalism, both print and on-line. We are a new media company... 'The Dallas - Fort Worth Tribune'. We will be competing for market share with both the Dallas Morning news and The Fort Worth Star-Telegram with a full news staff comparable to the aforementioned newspapers. Highly competitive salary.

As in: 900 bucks a week (!), though it varies on experience level. The Google Machine has some answers for our Friend: There's a Beta site that's a spin-off from something called The Gouverneur Times, whose Upstate New York-based owner, Scott Reddick, spoke at a Nationwide Tea Party Coalition get-together in Irving in January on the subject of "Launching Your Own Online Local Conservative Newssite."

I've left messages for Reddick and managing editor Nathan Barker, whose outgoing voice-mail messages are generic fembots. Man's gotta have a back-up plan, right?

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