Arlington Megachurch Pastor Gene Lingerfelt -- and God -- Approve of Government Shutdown

Just as God led Moses to Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, so He led Faith Christian Center pastor Gene Lingerfelt to 6900 U.S. Highway 287 in Arlington, Texas, to become the bearer of His Word. As befits the digital age, He has swapped stone tablets for Twitter and timeless maxims with snarky, up-to-the-second political and social commentary.

We present below His teachings on the government shutdown, as channeled through his appointed messenger here on earth. The message has been lightly abridged but otherwise untouched, since such lofty spiritual matters are far beyond our understanding. We offer no further comment other than to say that Robert Jeffress better step up his game, and to note that the agents of Satan must have scrubbed Lingerfelt's Twitter account.

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