Armed Robbers Are Targeting Northwest Dallas "Massage" Parlors

If The Dallas Morning News' brief account of the Monday morning robbery of Hometown Day Spa left you a bit confused, you're forgiven. Two armed men walk in and credibly pass themselves off as customers for several minutes as they plot their heist?

The answer, as always, can be found on, where Hometown's ad is chock full of pictures of scantily clad Asian women with enormous breasts (NSFW, obviously).

It's one of those day spas.

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So is Red Rose Spa, located in the midst of a cluster of strip clubs on Northwest Highway and boasting massage therapists with names like "Apple" and "Cookie."

At 3 a.m. Tuesday, it was also targeted by armed robbers.

The two heists differ slightly. In the first, there were two men, and they had a knife and Taser. In the second, there were several, and there was a gun. At Hometown, everyone was ushered into a back room. At Red Rose, they were forced into the kitchen and restrained with zip ties while the robbers made off with several cell phones and $3,650 in cash.

In both cases, witnesses described seeing the suspects drive off in a silver 2001 Cadillac sedan. Hometown has turned footage from its surveillance cameras -- which the cops say shows the robbers quite well -- over to police, so expect the suspects' happy ending to be short-lived.

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