The attack on Kennan Jones began on a train and moved to a platform as he tried to flee.
The attack on Kennan Jones began on a train and moved to a platform as he tried to flee.
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Arrests Made in Videotaped DART Beating

Update — 11 a.m. Aug. 4: Police have arrested Remon Hendrix, Jakobi Hendrix's brother, for his alleged role in the attack. Remon Hendrix, 23, is charged with assault causing bodily injury.

DART officials confirmed Thursday night that a 21-year-old Dallas man has been arrested for his alleged role in the attack on a stranger on a DART train Sunday night. Police booked Jakobi Darion Hendrix into Dallas County Jail just before midnight yesterday. He's charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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The incident received widespread attention after disturbing video of the attack surfaced online. Police say Hendrix and six others attacked after Kennan Jones told a member of the group to stop smoking on the Carrollton-bound train. Hendrix and others began to spit on and beat Jones. Eventually, Jones got off the train at the Deep Ellum Green Line station. The pack of attackers followed him off the train, eventually knocking Jones unconscious with a skateboard.

“Everything just went from zero to 100,” Jones told KTVT-TV (CBS 11) of his ordeal. “I’m just very happy to be here … happy to hug my kids.” 

While police are still looking for additional suspects, they have a bit of head start. Two of the individuals in the mob beating Jones appear to be wearing Whataburger work uniforms. The fast food chain said in a statement Thursday that it is "appalled" by the video and is working with police to figure out which of its employees may have been involved.

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