Arts District to Get a New Outside Attraction: The Crow Asian Sculpture Garden

The Trammell Crow Center on Ross Avenue already contains the Crow Collection of Asian Art. But that's an inside attraction. And that, far as the Crows are concerned, just isn't good enough. Hence, the announcement that just popped up in the in-box for the Crow Asian Sculpture Garden, described in the release as "a new outdoor gallery surrounding the Trammell Crow Center [that] will feature traditional Japanese landscaping, new Asian art acquisitions and additional works from the museum's collection."

There aren't many further details at present, save that more will be revealed in the next month or so, "when landscaping is expected to begin." But, says Trammel S. Crow in the release, "This garden will be a place Dallas Arts District visitors to find art and Asia in unexpected places." To which John Zogg, managing director of leasing for Crescent Real Estate, adds: "We look forward to working with the Crow Collection on providing this beautiful, tranquil space for business people, visitors and art patrons to enjoy." In the meantime:

To make way for the new art acquisitions and upcoming landscaping, The Crow Collection's European sculpture pieces, such as Bourdelle's Horse for Alvear Monument and Rodin's Meditation, which are currently on display at the Trammell Crow Center, will be re-installed at the Old Parkland campus Saturday (March 5).

Looks like somebody's getting company.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.