As 2011 Dallas Bike Plan Site Goes Live, News of a Second Town Hall on September 23

Every now and then I check to see if the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan website's up and running, because ever since that jam-packed open house in late May it's been little more than a new-site-coming-soon place-holder with a survey. But, sure enough, I clicked over from City Hall's home page this afternoon, and there it was -- complete with news about yet another open house on the calendar for September 23, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Dallas City Hall, where Toole Design Group'ers and city officials will show off the progress they've made using input gathered at the May meeting. From the invite:

The draft Bikeway System network plan will be available for public review and input. Attendees will be encouraged to provide feedback on the alignment of the proposed on-street and off-street portions of the network, as well as the facility type assignments for the on-street portion of the overall network. An introductory presentation will provide an overview of the methodology for creating the proposed Bikeway System network, and will show the various draft street profile types that have been developed for the Bike Plan in connection with the City's Complete Streets Initiative.

The site's worth poking around -- the plan draft's not there yet, nor are the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan survey results ("coming soon!"). But the City of Dallas Planning Documents should kill a few hours during a long holiday weekend. And: There is that new logo.

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