As Chuck Greenberg Deals With Lee "Letdown," Rangers Release 2010 DVD Look-Back Tonight

Shortly after the news broke that Cliff Lee is a Phillie once more late last night, Texas Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg posted to his Facebook page the following note:

Tonight's news is a letdown, but I'm proud of our effort. Congratulations to Cliff and a heartfelt thank you for the role you played in making history with us. Hope we all see each other again in October. The reigning AL Champions will be ready to defend our title. Who's with us?

If you just raised your hand, the Rangers send this reminder: Tonight (oh, what timing), the team will officially release It's Time: The Incredible Season of the 2010 American League Champion Texas Rangers, an hour-long look-back at the Best Season in Team History narrated by -- who else? -- Eric Nadel. And while the disc is available now, tonight's $40-a-ticket "exclusive premiere" at the E.H. Hereford University Center on the UT-Arlington campus is scheduled to boast a guest list that includes Ron Washington, Ian Kinsler, Josh Hamilton, Derek Holland and Tommy Hunter. The American League Championship Trophy will be there as well; so too Chuck Greenberg. Unless he skips it for a screening of Nutcracker in 3D: The Cliff Lee Story.

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