As November 22 Approaches, Writers Draw Fictional Blood From Grim Facts

Tomorrow on Unfair Park, we'll run an interview with former Dallas County Sheriff Jim Bowles, who stopped by our offices on Friday to discuss his first novel, JFK Conspiracy: The Missing File, a fictionalized recounting of the events of November 22, 1963, when Bowles was working for the Dallas Police Department as the communications supervisor of the dispatch office. But first, we must note this critically acclaimed fiction drawn from that day -- the starkly titled Nov 22, 1963 by Adam Braver, set entirely in Fort Worth and Dallas in the hours before, during and after John Kennedy was shot to death downtown.

"It is a kaleidoscopic portrait of the day of the killing, told from a variety of points of view," insists The Los Angeles Times, comparing it favorably to Don DeLillo's masterful Libra, which offered a fictionalized Lee Harvey Oswald. After the jump, the author of Mr. Lincoln's Wars speaks in a video interview about his reasons for revisiting a day that continues to define Dallas, for better or worse, 45 years after the fact. --Robert Wilonsky

November 22, 1963: a novel by Adam Braver from on Vimeo.

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