As One Independent Bookstore Opens in Plano, Another Closes in Frisco

Frisco's Bookworm sounds like my kind of bookstore -- family-owned, "intimate," has a fireplace, serves coffee, good to go. Only, the worm has turned: Its Web site is currently advertising an everything-must-go sale in advance of its going out of business. In fact, Publishers Weekly this morning takes note of its closing, which owner David Norwood blames on the economic downturn: "In the long run I thought maybe it would have been fine -- we had steady sales growth until the economic thing happened this year.” PW also notes the irony of Bookworm's closing just as mammoth indie Legacy Books is planting its 24,000-square-footprint in Plano today, with cameos from Sam Wyly and Kathleen Kent. Place sounds worth the drive and then some, because if I ever have to go to Borders again ... Speaking of, what was the name of that small bookstore in Preston Royal many, many years ago, next to where Barnes & Noble currently sits? Because that place was amazing. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Much thanks to the many Friends of Unfair Park who've chimed in with the name of the defunct book store in Preston Royal: House of Books. How did I ever forget that?

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Robert Wilonsky
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