As Work Begins on Woodall Rodgers Park, What You Can Expect (Spoiler: Traffic Delays)

Speaking of downtown parks ...

Maybe you've heard: Woodall Rodgers Freeway is about to be a mess from now till ... oh .. lessee here ... "late 2011." That's when the folks in charge of the Woodall Rodgers deck park expect to have the sucker done, with "amenities" following in '12. And so expect considerable delays form now till then as they prep the park: After the jump you'll find The Official Word from park officials today concerning what to expect while they're expecting. But long story short:

"TxDOT will work with the selected general contractor, Archer Western, to manage the construction schedule. Weather permitting, the Harwood bridge will be removed on the weekend of Oct. 23. The St. Paul exit ramp is slated to be removed on the weekend of Oct. 30 and will remain closed for approximately 8 months."
And, they send word that they've launched a new site full of all manner of updates and distractions and whatnots to occupy your time till the due date. 

Construction and Web Site Release FINAL

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Robert Wilonsky
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