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At Long Last, Big Bucks Burnett Finds a Home for His Eight Track Museum -- in Deep Ellum

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Moments ago -- and that is no exaggeration -- James "Big Bucks" Burnett finally signed the lease that will allow him to set up the Eight Track Museum that's been in the works ever since the October 2009 exhibition at the Barry Whistler Gallery. As proof, Bucks sends this lease-signing photo; perhaps he's under the impression we don't believe him, following the March announcement that he was this close to getting a Deep Ellum space -- right before he backed off at the last moment. Fret not, says he: This time, it's for real.

The proprietor of the late, great 14 Records on Greenville Ave., who has since moved his for-sale collectibles into a space at Dolly Python, plans on opening the museum on Christmas Day in Deep Ellum. And where in Deep Ellum? Bucks ain't saying. Not yet.

"And I'm not trying to be coy or clever," he says this afternoon. "I just don't want people seeing the space till it's somewhat presentable. But it's a good location, I'll tell you that. OK, fine. I'll tell you this: It's on Commerce Street. That's all I can say. But it's a good location, great parking and way too many eight-tracks."

Bucks sent us some further details that follow -- as in, this ain't just an eight-track tape museum, though there will be some 500 of them on display when all is said and done. Says he: "We'll have every single physical music format, from the wax cylinder to the iPod or whatever they made last month. What I am trying to promote is the history and value of all physical formats focusing on the eight-track, because if I called it the History of Musical Formats Museum, we wouldn't even be on the phone right now."

There will also be a gift shop: Cloud 8 Records and Tapes. And: a record label. Pardon -- an eight-track label, which will release its first title in February. Join me over on DC9. I'll tell you all about it. Till then, the man's got some other info on the other side. But he's also very proud to note: His will be the first music museum of any kind in Dallas.

"You know how Muslims have Mecca?" he says. "Trackers will now have Tracca. I dare you to print that. The museum will be the spiritual center for physical-format music-lovers."


Bucks Burnett has signed a long term lease with Westdale Realty of Dallas, Texas today, Nov. 12, for a permanent location for The Eight Track Museum.

Opening day is scheduled for Dec. 25, 2010.

The museum will be located in Deep Ellum -- exact address to be revealed in early December.

The museum will consist of a main exhibit room, and a secondary room, for a total of approx. 700 sq. ft.

Westdale contacted Bucks on the opening day (3/11/10) of his recent museum exhibit in Denton for NX35, offering to provide a space for the museum. After several spaces were considered over the past several months, the final selection was made, and finish out construction begun.

With the lease signed, and the museum nearing completion, with shelves and fixtures to be installed in the next few weeks, it is official - the world's first Eight Track Museum will enjoy a permanent home in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas, Texas.

Burnett is now beginning his campaign to raise money for the completion of the museum in time for the opening - shelving and fixtures are still needed, as are merchandising and promotional funds, etc.

The Eight Track Museum will be the first museum of its kind in the world, and also the first music related museum in the history of Dallas.

Burnett's music shop in Dolly Python, Earotica Music, will soon be converted to Cloud 8 Records And Tapes, (the name of the Eight Track Museum gift shop), with proceeds benefiting the museum. The museum will also operate a small music label named Cloud 8 for limited, deluxe runs of 8 track releases by local and national acts.

Burnett plans to complete filming of his Spinal Tape 8 track documentary in 2011, and also produce a music talk show, filmed at the museum, featuring discussion and performance with local and national acts.

The museum will also begin offering music history seminars and classes in 2011.

In addition to 8 tracks, Burnett will document all known recorded audio formats, from the wax cylinder to the iPod.

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