At Rangers Ballpark, Nolan Ryan Puts A Little Spit Polish on Chuck Greenberg's Departure

In a crowded room deep within the substratum of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, team president-turned-CEO Nolan Ryan tried to cast Chuck Greenberg's surprising departure this morning in a positive light heading into the new season.

Leaving after only seven months with the organization, Ryan did little to answer questions about Greenberg's leaving.

"Chuck has a lot of passion for the game, but I am not looking to speculate," Ryan said. Instead, Ryan focused on what he felt would lead the Rangers in a more positive direction as the opening for the season is just three short weeks away.

"I would rather have these changes take place before the season starts, so that we may be ready for opening day."

With the former Ranger now at the wheel, Ryan affirmed that the energy that led the team to become last season's AL champions will continue under his leadership.

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