At Some Point, You'll Find Our DSpot. And, Damn It, You'll Like It.

This morning, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway and DowntownDallas's John Crawford are hosting an Executive Marketing Task Force meeting at the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, where, among other items on the agenda, they'll case-study that damned DSpot ad campaign created in early '07 to sell Dallas to Dallasites. And while I'd like to show you the DSpot.tv video in which Brenda Teele refers to John Crawford as "John Cockcrawford" -- it only works in IE, from my experience this a.m. -- instead we'll go with an oldie but goodie that never fails to inspire me to never again step foot in downtown, but only because I'm terrified of would-be Beat poets who live in the Davis Building. That, and clowns. --Robert Wilonsky

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