At the Anatole, John Carmack Got Gamers Quaking in Their Booties

Amazing how we got any work done around here about 13 years ago.

At this very moment, thousands of gamers are wandering the Hilton Anatole looking to get their annual QuakeCon on. Jason Ocampo of IGN.com live-blogged the warm-up press conference last night -- and, wow, sounds like id Software guru John Carmack's quite the Chatty Cathy, as he went on for a good couple of hours about the gaming software company's future plans -- which, turns out, will involve at least two games for the iPhone. Notes Ocampo: "One would be a conventional mobile game, the other would be a graphical monster on the platform." Only, id's a little backed up at the moment, trying to get on shelves new versions of old favorites Doom, Quake and Castle Wolfenstein -- including a RPG for cell phones. Oh, Castle Wolfenstein, the hours we wasted together in the early '90s. --Robert Wilonsky

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