Atta Boy, Jon Daniels

​Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels took a lot of crap early in his career.

Altogether now ...

   Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez to the San Diego Padres for who?!

If you remember the answer is Adam Eaton, you have an idea of just how far Daniels has progressed.

As if squeezing burgeoning superstars Elvis Andrus and Neftali Feliz out of Mark Teixeira in a savvy deadline deal wasn't enough, JD made two off-season acquisitions over the winter that are paying dividends for Texas right here, right now.

Not only did Daniels make the Rangers better, he made the Angels worse. How?    

By signing slugger Vladimir Guerrero.

And reliever Darren Oliver.

One has the team's best batting average. The other the team's second-best ERA.

Vlad had another key hit in last night's 8-7 comeback win over Anaheim, and Oliver pitched two scoreless innings in Monday's victory that helped Texas to a two-game sweep.

It's time for Daniels to get some pats on the back after years of getting kicked in the crotch.

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