Auctioning Off Bottle Rocket Artwork for the North Texas Food Bank

What you see above is an early cover sketch for the Criterion Collection Bottle Rocket DVD about which we've written, oh, just a little in recent weeks. Like all of the artwork featured on the disc and throughout its accompanying booklet, it was done by Ian Dingman, and it measures 4 inches by 8 inches -- and features, of course, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson and Bob Musgrave. And, in the spirit of the holiday season, Dingman is generously allowing Unfair Park to auction off the original work in order to raise some dough for the North Texas Food Bank.

We've opted to allow Friends of Unfair Park -- and anyone else interested -- to bid directly in the comments section, where you will have to leave your e-mail address for the bid to be considered valid. The bidding -- which opens at $50 -- will be open till noon Friday, after which we notify the winner. Should that person not show up at Unfair Park HQ by 3 p.m. Friday, the art will go to the next-highest bidder. So, a request: Play only if you intend to pay, as Dingman's a good guy making this available for a good cause. Thanks in advance, as everybody wins this Christmas. I will post a reminder every afternoon 'round noon till the auction's over. --Robert Wilonsky

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