Avi Exposes Another Troublemaker on Greenville -- Himself

Going batty: Buzz has always been kind of fond of Avi Adelman—a position not common among many of our readers, who would prefer to do their drinking on Lower Greenville Avenue without being hassled by Adelman. It's not that Buzz agrees with Adelman's efforts to drive the bars from his hood. We just have a soft spot in our heart for anyone who pisses off as many people as Adelman regularly does.

So, it's with sincere—well, sort of sincere—concern that we say this: Avi, dude, when the cops start ticketing you for alleged douchebaggery, it's time to get a little perspective.

Adelman was out early Sunday morning doing what he normally does in the wee hours of the weekend: videotaping the goings-on on Lower Greenville Avenue. Only this time, he got ticketed for an alleged Class C misdemeanor assault.

Adelman declines to comment on the charge, but according to the police report, 25-year-old Arikca Hanson was with an "injured male who was being transported by" Dallas Fire Rescue on the 1900 block of Greenville Avenue when Adelman began videotaping.

According to the police report, two witnesses said that Adelman "violently pushed [Hanson] forward stating 'Fuck you, bitch, get out of my way.'" Two Dallas police officers who were also on the scene "heard [Adelman] yell at [Hanson and] turned to observe [Hanson] stumbling forward." The officers note that Adelman was reaching for a can of pepper spray, at which point he was once again heard saying, "Fuck you, bitch." The officers intervened by stepping in between the two "and bringing his right arm down to keep him from spraying" Hanson, and the two other witnesses were standing nearby.

Hanson says she and another woman had just stopped to help a guy they didn't even know, who was unconscious on the street, and spoiled Adelman's shot. You know film auteurs—they can be so temperamental.

"I threw my arms up like, 'I don't understand—you're pushing me and you're pulling out your pepper spray.' And that's what happened," Hanson told Unfair Park. "I didn't touch him, didn't ask why he was filming, didn't say a word to him."

Maybe Adelman's been watching The Dark Knight and is undergoing Batman's existential struggle: Can a vigilante ever truly be a hero? Or is a jerk with a video camera just a jerk with a video camera?

Here's a hint, Avi: Look at yourself, then look at Christian Bale, the guy who played Batman. See the difference? It should be pretty freakin' obvious.

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