Bad News for Fiesta Good News For Cotton?

Following yesterday's release of that damning, mammoth report about all flavor of fiscal shenanigans at the Fiesta Bowl, the question immediately became: Well, what about the Cotton Bowl taking its place in the BCS rotation? But Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports explained, initially, Not so fast:

If there is an immediate bowl replacement it would likely be in the western U.S. (same as the Fiesta), have a Big 12 tie-in (same as the Fiesta) and have an ESPN affiliation (same as the BCS). That seems to eliminate, for now, the Cotton Bowl, a favorite mentioned elsewhere on Tuesday. While Cotton officials were privately encouraged by the news, the bowl still has three years to go on its contract with Fox. ESPN has the BCS rights for the next three years as well.

But this morning, a source tells CBS that it just might have a shot after all -- depending upon whether the Cotton Bowl can get out of its contract with FOX.

The Cotton Bowl would have "no problem" taking a spot in the BCS rotation if the Fiesta Bowl is kicked out, a source told CBSSports.com Wednesday morning. ... It is thought that Cotton Bowl sponsor AT&T could be involved in the transition process. Also, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would most likely support the move because his palace, Cowboys Stadium, is involved. That revelation makes the Cotton the overwhelming favorite if the Fiesta is kicked out.

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