Bang the Drum Loudly

Really, we were just looking for a reason to run a Dallas Tornado jersey.

George Henderson is more or less the minor-league version of John Lanzillo Jr. -- Zonk, to you long-suffering Texas Rangers fans. Krazy George, who's beaten his own hand drum for the likes of the Houston Oilers and Kansas City Chief and myriad other sports franchises, has gotten older and settled down, moving from the big stadiums to the Class A California League Stockton Ports. And today he's profiled on Deadspin -- where, it's revealed, Krazy George passed through Dallas long, long ago:

He also subdued a supposedly-tame lion when it went nuts and tried to eat its trainer during a performance at a Dallas Tornadoes pro soccer game. "He was screaming, 'Get it off me!' " George recalled. "Fat chance I'm going to wrestle a lion. So I ran up and hit it on the head with my drum, and ran. It worked; the lion stopped biting him."

So, yeah, looking for a fact-checker here. Or maybe I'll just call Kyle Rote Jr. --Robert Wilonsky

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