Barring a Lockout, Here's Who Your Dallas Cowboys Will Play in August

If the Dallas Cowboys have a training camp this summer,

they'll spend it in San Antonio's Alamodome


That's great news for critics who reasoned that last year's 1-7 start that got head coach Wade Phillips fired was a product of a marketing campaign of a preseason that saw them play five games from Canton, Ohio to San Diego and hold a split training camp in San Antonio and Oxnard, California.

Though season-ticket holders are being asked to pay full fare, the NFL lockout is nowhere close to ending.

If and when it gets resolved, the Cowboys will play four exhibition games. The schedule:

Game 1  vs.  Denver Broncos          Aug. 12-14

Game 2  vs.  San Diego Chargers    Aug. 19-21

Game 3  at   Minnesota Vikings      Aug. 26-28

Game 4  at   Miami Dolphins           Sept. 1

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