Dallas Cowboys

Be Seated

Great for any media room. Or, for that matter, any room.

Can’t help but be nostalgic as you walk around this ol’ joint before its final Monday Night Football game. My family had season tickets on the 8-yard line back when it opened in ’71.

But, alas, we’re upon a changing of the guard. And the seats.

While you can buy a pair of Texas Stadium seats for a cool $650, tomorrow afternoon the first seats will be installed at the new Jonestown Coliseum. Yep, the next time the Cowboys host Monday Night Football it will be in Arlington. Weird.

Just for the history and all, I told my wife it’d be cool to snag some Texas Stadium seats to put in my office.

“Why?!” she asked incredulously.

This coming from the woman who over the weekend told me she was going duvet shopping, because she was tired of our current one.

What's a duvet? -- Richie Whitt

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Richie Whitt
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