Bears 27, Cowboys 20: My Top 10 Observations

10. If I told you that Team A had edges over Team B in yards (410-308), plays (71-49) and time of possession (33:40-26:20) while holding its opponent to 1 of 11 on third downs and producing a special teams touchdown, you'd probably say that Team A had a 90-percent chance of winning that game. But on Sunday Team B won, and it wasn't really that close. What in the world could negate all those advantages to produce Chicago Bears 27, Dallas Cowboys 20? How about three turnovers, six penalties, two dropped passes, a botched kickoff, a blown defensive blitz assignment and a missed field goal. Yep, that'll do it. I still think the Cowboys are a better team than the Washington Redskins and the Bears, but I ... check that. Right now the Cowboys are simply a talented team playing horribly bad.

9. After watching Dez Bryant's 62-yard punt return for a touchdown (he got several key blocks but, look it up, Barry Church got away with an obvious hold), I again ask this question: Why isn't he returning kickoffs? And don't give me that crap about somehow getting tackled harder on kickoffs. Does. Not. Compute.

8. I'm sure offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is going to get another earful this week. But before the Cowboys run the ball more don't they need to show they can run it better? After rushing eight times for 30 yards early in the game, the Cowboys netted just six yards on their last 12 attempts. That said, 19 touches for Felix Jones (seven carries for seven yards Sunday) in two games is just inexcusable.

7. If Igor Olshansky's sling-down of Jay Cutler was indeed roughing the passer, I ask you this: What happened to football?

6. Maddest I've ever seen Jason Witten on a scale of 1-10 was a 6. Sunday after his head bounced off the turf and team doctors hid his helmet to protect him from returning to the game with a likely concussion, he was at about a 12. It was, of course, the right decision.

5. Chris Moosekowski, anyone?

4. According to recent NFL history, the Cowboys - at 0-2 - have an 87-percent chance of missing the playoffs. How much money would you have bet that the Cowboys and Vikings would be 0-2 and the Buccaneers and Chiefs 2-0?

3. No other way to explain it, Tony Romo is just "off." He threw high to Miles Austin, resulting in an interception. He threw behind Witten, resulting in another. He threw short of Tashard Choice, prompting an incompletion and third-down failure that set up David Buehler's missed field goal from 44 yards. Romo wasn't accurate against Washington, either. Something's up. Of course, despite Sunday's shaky effort his 374 passing yards were the 8th-most ever by a Cowboys quarterback and the most since Troy Aikman threw for 455 in 1998. Weird. The record, by the way, was set by Don Meredith (460) back in '63.

2. The Cowboys haven't been 0-2 since 2001, when Dave Campo's outfit bumbled to a 5-11 finish and missed the playoffs. The '93 team famously started 0-2, got Emmitt Smith back from a long contract holdout and then finished 12-4 and won the Super Bowl. Sorry, but this team smacks more of Campo than Emmitt. And, yes, they will be perhaps as much as a touchdown underdog to go 0-3 Sunday at Houston. Yikes.

1. Through two games the Cowboys 139 yards in rushing ... and 131 in penalties.

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