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Because It's Never Too Early to Run for Mayor ...

This is what the Google Machine tells me about Dallas defense attorney Jim Moore: He's a namesake in the Oak Lawn firm of Moore, Grant & Barrett. He's a Hillcrest and SMU graduate (just like my father, hmmm). He is indeed eligible to practice law in the state of Texas. He more than likely has the endorsement of Ben Dover, with whom Moore once conducted a helpful Q&A. He was once interviewed by FOX News. He posts frequently to his Facebook page. And, of course, he's running for mayor.

Not sure Riki Smyth picked the best day to send out a press release announcing Moore's candidacy (so, so early), since Mayor Tom Leppert proved he's the strongest mayor in all the land just 24 hours ago. Still, the man's got a catchy slogan: "Dallas Deserves Moore." I'm still working on mine.

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