Because Johnny Manziel Coverage Hadn't Already Jumped the Shark, CBS 11 Turned to Dr. Phil

Already this summer, we've been fed a steady diet of Johnny Manziel-related news and speculation. Was the Texas A&M phenom kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy because he was hungover, or was he just sleepy? Does he really have a Texas Longhorns tattoo? If so, did he think that would be some sort of free pass to the UT frat party from which he was quickly expelled? Is he, in fact, the "Justin Bieber of college football"? And what exactly did he mean when he tweeted that he "can't wait to leave College Station"?

It turns out that the empty, unending chatter was mere prelude to the revelation this week that the NCAA is investigating reports that Manziel was paid five figures for signing autographs.

Leaving aside the transparent absurdity of NCAA rules, which deem it unconscionable that a 20-year-old adult -- who has generated untold millions for the organization and has been subjected to a never-ending media cavity search -- should make a dime, these new charges are serious, if only because the first freshman ever to win the Heisman Trophy could be barred from college football.


Strip away the gravity of the potential consequences, however, and you're left with yet another case of Johnny Football doing something stupid but fairly harmless. It's become a pattern with him, and you probably don't need Dr. Phil to explain that it's the product of a heady mix of youthful indiscretion, newfound celebrity and the ubiquity of cell-phone cameras.

If, on the other hand, you do need Dr. Phil to explain Johnny Manziel to you, CBS 11 has you covered. Reporter Gina Miller sat down with the psychologist/television personality for a way-too-long interview posted today to the station's website.

McGraw drops quite a few nuggets of wisdom during the interview, which is actually just a series of monologues. We provided the main takeaways below as a service, just in case you can't stand staring at the walrus 'stache for six-and-a-half minutes.

Telephones have cameras now!

We live in [a world where] everybody has a camera, every telephone is a video camera, everything is transparent on the Internet. ... It's hard to take back stupid in a world where you can do something in College Station one minute and they're looking at it in China the next minute.

Johnny Manziel should hook up with Robin McGraw?

You know, I was 50 when I moved to Hollywood and launched the Dr. Phil show. By that time, if you don't know who you are, you're probably not going to figure that out, and I've got a wife to take me by the ear and tell me "Hey, you need to calm down." Maybe he needs that.

Dr. Phil did some crazy shit in college

I was a freshman college football player, and I couldn't have carried his tie, but I made worse decisions than he's made at this age. I mean come on, at 20 he's got testosterone coursing through his veins. You're gonna do some dumb stuff.

Johnny Manziel is absolutely delightful

Think about it. This kid has had to have a lot of discipline. He's had to put in a tremendous of work. When you've seen him, particularly in early interviews, he is a delightful and charming young man. It seems to me his parents have done a really great job. They just didn't prepare him for this overwhelming onslaught of such a young Heisman Trophy winner, a history breaker, a history maker. ... I think he can be fine. ... I think people need to have some conversations with him, but I think the core young man is a delightful young man.

The enigma of Johnny Manziel, finally solved.

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