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Before He Even Started, Clear Channel Fires Jack E. Jett, Who's Ready to Fire Back

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When J.D. Freeman called with the news about Lex & Terry, he dropped this bomb: Jack E. Jett will not be allowed on CNN 1190 beginning Monday, which we had announced yesterday. The reason, according to Freeman: something Jack said in the item posted Tuesday evening. Which was? So glad you asked:

Now, [Jack] has to figure out how to do a two-hour show. Five nights a week. Which'll be no easy task: Having once co-hosted his old Rational Radio talk show -- for which the guests were Al B. Sure!, Bob Barker, Gennifer Flowers and Joe the Plumber -- let me say, Jack takes his odds-and-sods line-up very seriously.

"That's the big challenge," Jack says. "I don't just go in and talk on the mike while I'm jacking my cock. I research. I want to have as many eclectic guests as I do and be able to do that with less research."

According to Freeman, "The guy shows bad judgment, and I wouldn't put him on the air. Any personality who uses that language is not someone we want on the air." Jack's show has been pulled from the CNN 1190 Web site, where it was featured Tuesday evening.

Jack isn't buying Freeman's reason for dropping him before he even started.

"Homophobia rears its head all over the place," Jack tells Unfair Park. "It was a coup for me that I was getting in there. I would say to my friends, 'Come be on my show before they kick my ass off.' I was sure it would get kicked off for being too gay. It was going to be a very gay show. We were doing it for the gay community. And there is not a doubt in my mind that is what happened here. If I would have said 'one hand on my microphone and another hand playing with myself,' he would have found something else not to like."

Freeman says he didn't know the name Jack E. Jett till yesterday. Jack isn't buying it: "I think he knows damned well who I am. And I think it got back to him: 'We're putting that guy on the air?'" Apparently not. (I've been unable to reach Freeman since I spoke with Jack.)

"People were questioning why Clear Channel was going to let someone as out as me be on their air," Jack says. "And I think once the head honcho found out, he was probably looking for any excuse he could. I don't believe that's the reason their canceling the show. I don't for one minute believe that's why. I think it's an excuse for his own homophobia. I think it only just goes to cement in people's mind that's what Clear Channel does. He tried to tell me they have Pride Radio, which is no more a gay radio station than my grandmother's country-western radio station."

So, then, what now?

"I plan on making a stink about it," Jack says. "That's probably the end of my radio business here in Dallas, which is really sad."

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