Before Hicks Looks For Liverpool Buyer, AP Says He Already Missed One Shot

The U.K. papers say that today's the day Tom Hicks and Liverpool FC co-owner George Gillett will announce that, yes, they've asked hired Barclays Capital to find a buyer for their soccer team -- that's been the story ever since Sunday. And as we noted only yesterday, the Royal Bank of Scotland, to whom they owe close to $400 million in debt come July, is replacing them as chairmen; British Airways chairman Martin Broughton will take top spot. And while there's been no official response from Hicks's local folks regarding both announcements, papers like The Daily Telegraph are already preparing for "the beginning of the end of the Americans' tenure," even "though the sale of the club is unlikely to be swift." Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars fans know the feeling.

But as Reds fans await Hicks's departure, the Associated Press adds this new wrinkle to the story: "a consortium including Goldman Sachs and owners of two U.S. sports teams" had looked at Liverpool's books in the hopes of buying the team, but negotiations never got past the due-diligence phase, according to someone involved in the deal-making-and-breaking process. The piece doesn't name the owners of the sports teams.

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