Dallas Mavericks

Before the 2011 NBA Finals Start, One More Look Back at 2006 to Put Into Perspective Why This Series is So Dang Important

Sorry to pee on your Memorial Day barbecue, but you gotta get mad one more time before we can get even.

Revenge, after all, is best served ... in South Beach.

I know only Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry remain for the Mavericks and Udonis Haslem and Dwyane Wade remain on the Heat from the 2006 NBA Finals (irrelevant center Erick Dampier has changed jerseys). So it's not exactly a re-match. But it is revenge.

Says Mavs' GM Donnie Nelson ...

"We know the pain in Dallas five years ago, because we lived it ourselves. It was pure heartbreak. A sick feeling we carried with us ... forever really. Most times in life you don't get a second chance. We've got one."

And if you're still pissed at how Wade fell down to draw free throws and how Gary Payton literally -- 7:45 mark of the video -- grabbed Terry's jersey on his potential Game 6-tying 3-pointer in the final seconds, you are not alone.

Game 1. Tuesday night. 8 o'clock.

Can. Not. Wait.

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