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Before the Calatrava's Switched On, Breaking News: The Relatives to Play Bridge Opening

Justin Terveen's already taken his place on the west side of the Continental Avenue Bridge for tonight's lighting of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, set to begin glowing at 6:15, give or take. He says it's filling up fast, no joke. I'm about to head that way myself; why not. But before I split, this big, bad bit of breaking news: For the first time ever -- by which I mean, since being rediscovered by Noel Waggener and his Heavy Light Records label out of Austin -- The Relatives will be playing their hometown, at the Bridge-O-Rama wingding set for the Calatrava's opening weekend. Rev. Gene and the band will perform March 3, specifically, at 5 p.m. on the Ben E. Keith Stage, which will be located at 317 Singleton Ave. For this you have to thank, in part, our old pal Jeff Liles of the Kessler, one of the event's myriad partners for the shindig.

And they're not the only band lined up for the event: Says the release just dispatched by the West Dallasites in advance of tonight's formal announcement, Possessed by Paul James and Rattletree Marimba will also play the World Music Stage that Saturday. The music portion of the program begins at 1 that day, and, says the release, "Additional acts will be announced as they become confirmed over the next few weeks." I'll let Audra tackle those on DC9 -- because, ya know, she's the one who wrote the first, best and longest piece on The Relatives back when she was at the Austin Chronicle. I expect she's itching to do a follow-up.

Till then, you have heard The Relatives' record, right? No? Here, lemme fix that for you.

Update: Lyle Lovett will play the March 2 opening-weekend fund-raiser.

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