Dallas Cowboys

Bend Over Terry. You’re on the Receiving End.

Terry Glenn's leverage is running on empty.

It’s preposterous to think the Cowboys will release veteran receiver Terry Glenn. Why? First of all, they need him. Secondly, they have him.

As in, over a barrel.

Before pondering anything else about Glenn’s trials and tribs during minicamp, remember this: Last year he made $6 million and played in two games. That’s owner Jerry Jones’ negotiating stance, and Jerry usually gets what he wants.

Glenn had two surgeries on his right knee last year and now the Cowboys want him to sign an injury waiver contingency contract of $500,000 in case he hurts the knee again. If not, he makes $1.75 million.

Honestly, I don’t see Glenn’s leverage.

First he wanted to be released. Now he wants to remain a Cowboy. All the while, Jerry just turns a deaf ear and shrugs his shoulders, knowing full well Glenn will be at training camp in Oxnard, Calif. in five weeks. What are his options? Last time I checked there wasn’t a lot of interest for 34-year-old receivers coming off multiple knee surgeries.

You can call what the Cowboys are playing dirty pool. Or, more appropriately, good, common-sense hard ball.

The strings-attached contract is perhaps the worst vote of confidence in a player ever, but no doubt the Cowboys need Glenn. They didn’t acquire a receiver in the draft of free agency and right now – with Terrell Owens, Patrick Crayton and without Glenn – are giving serious reps to Miles Austin, Sam Hurd and Isaiah Stanback.

Glenn, however, needs the Cowboys even more. If his knee is healthy, as he suggests, he should go out and perform and produce and earn his $1.75 million. If the knee falters, he should take his $500,000, be happy he robbed the Cowboys last year, and perhaps go do some rehab down in Florida with this guy. -- Richie Whitt

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Richie Whitt
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