Bill White Wraps Up Gubernatorial Primary Campaign at Gilley's With Craig Watkins and Barbara Mallory Caraway

We're still trying to figure out why Bill White continues to burn through campaign dough since his only significant competition in the Democratic primary is Farouk Shami, but perhaps the former mayor of Houston is aiming to embarrass Shami at the polls worse than Shami embarrassed himself as White makes one last campaign stop before tomorrow's primary tonight around 6 p.m. at Gilley's.

Katy Bacon, White's spokesperson, tells us that she expects a couple hundred people at the event, including Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins and State Representative Barbara Mallory Caraway. You may remember that Watkins and White are now buddies, and Caraway's hubby, Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, has endorsed Shami.

So, why Dallas?

"Bill spent a lot of time in Dallas over the course of the campaign," Bacon says. "Dallas is really important to the primary and general election."

And how's that relationship between White and Watkins evolving?

"We're certainly proud to have the endorsement of District Attorney Watkins," she says. "He's been an extraordinary leader in the community. He and a lot of people have the same goal: getting a governor elected who's going to be about the state's future."

After a likely drubbing of Shami tomorrow, White will be back on the campaign trail seeking to dethrone Rick Perry ... er, preparing for battle against whoever emerges from the Republican primary.

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Sam Merten
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