Bill's Records and Tapes and Posters and Crap

Texas Gigs hinted at it last week, and The Dallas Morning News confirmed it yesterday, but it was just a matter of time before it became official: Bill's Records is moving. The announcement jumps the gun a bit, as the record store's current lease doesn't run out for another eight months, but anyone who's ever been in the joint knows the store needs all the time in the world to pack up so much clutter, so many records, and move them across town to the new South Lamar building.

Fact is, my former boss predicted the move last April; and Robert Wilonsky had this to say in last year's Best of Dallas issue: "Pulling up roots will be akin to tearing down a redwood forest: Not only does [Bill Wisener] have this expansive mess to clean up, but also three warehouses full of clutter, including one he hasn't been inside since the 1970s." Sheezus. I hope occasional Observer music contributor Jeff Liles will finally officially release his years-in-the-making documentary about the shop, The Last Record Store, before the old location is shut down for good. Chances are, however, he'll get stuck helping with the grand clean-up instead. -Sam Machkovech

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