Billy Graham, 40 Pro Footballers, a Crusade for Christ and a Groovy Look Back at Dallas in '72

Shortly before word began circulating that the immortal

Billy Graham has been hospitalized for the second time this year

due to pneumonia,

Athletes in Action

posted to Vimeo the extraordinary artifact you see above: Graham teasing

Explo '72

, which

Time called The Jesus Woodstock

, that brought some 80,000 Campus Crusaders for Christ to Dallas for two weeks in June of that year. Graham was here, of course -- regardless of your religious affiliation,

it was an epic moment in the city's history


But shortly before the weeks-long wingding, there was a prelude of sorts when some 40 pro football players came to Dallas "for the same kind of training that will be given at Explo '72," per the narrator of the mini-doc above that shows the AIA's doings in Dallas during the days leading up to the revival. This has something for everyone, including nostalgists who want to see the city as it was 40 years ago (back when the Adolphus had a sign and the Statler was open for business) and sports fans eager for glimpses of Norm Evans and Lem Barney and other old-school ballers.

Also, I think it's time the city returns to its '70s slogan, "Dallas: The Time of Your Life City."

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