Blue Jays 8, Rangers 5: My Top 10 Observations

10. Even for cup-runneth-over-in-red-flavored-optimism fans, this ain't good. Your Texas Rangers have lost five in a row (outscored 37-19) and eight of 10, and in the last two nights in Toronto have surrendered a whopping seven homers. Looks more like a slow-pitch softball game with all the dingers. Vernon Wells slayed Texas in last night's 8-5 loss

9. News of Vladimir Guerrero's death were premature, if not altogether erroneous. Does anyone in the game hit a baseball harder? His two-run homer was the definition of a rope. Except that it landed in the second deck of Rogers Centre.

8. Weird night in the booth, where Josh Lewin and Tom Grieve took some interesting side roads. At different points Grieve said "It's probably not a good idea to go around with your shirt off wearing punctuation on your chest," and "Have you ever had someone pick you up and give you a swirly?" There was clarity in the context, but I'll let your imagination meander. Funnier that way.

7. Don't even have to look at the calendar these days. When you see Clay Rapada on the mound, you know it's September.

6. I'm certainly not a sports traditionalist or a baseball purist, but it was a little disconcerting to watch manager Ron Washington go to the mound in a hooded sweatshirt. No?

5. Maybe you question Washington's refusal to intentionally walk Jose Bautista (baseball's home run leader) in the fifth. First base was open, and Bautista delivered a two-run double to right-center for his 104th and 105th RBI of the season. But, then again, Wells was on deck.

4. "Messin' With Sasquatch" commercials = Funny. Not enough to make me salivate for beef jerky, but giggle nonetheless.

3. Hard to believe Scott Feldman won 17 games last season. Seriously, can a pitcher just suddenly lose the ability to throw a sinker? I see his intent and his plan, but I no longer see that nasty downward movement that in 2009 constantly induced groundball outs.

2. How ridiculously small and quiet was Tuesday night's crowd of 10,000? After he struck out in the seventh inning Bautista let out a "fuuuuuuck!" that echoed through the building and, yes, into your living room.

1. Losing two in a row in Toronto isn't cause for alarm - especially with the Oakland A's losing to Seattle. The Jays are a good, big-hitting outfit. But what I see suddenly is a Rangers' team on sloppy, lazy cruise control. I understand the sizable lead in the West and the injuries to Josh Hamilton, Cliff Lee, etc. have temporarily geared things down, but there's no excuse for Ian Kinsler carrying his bat to first on a fly out to right field, for Bengie Molina not running out a grounder to third in the ninth when he might have been safe via a wide throw to first, and for the Rangers allowing Bautista to steal third base - during an intentional walk. Ugly.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.