Bottle Rocket, Best Dallas Movie Ever, On DVD in October. And In High-Def!

A few months back, my pal Bob Musgrave -- and that's Bob Mapplethorpe to you -- was giving some dude from Criterion Collection a tour of the local sights and sets from Bottle Rocket, which is only, like I said before, the best movie ever made in Dallas. We knew Wes Anderson's debut was getting the hifalutin Criterion treatment -- finally -- so that wasn't a surprise. What is?

Thanks to the Friend who shot us the May Criterion newsletter, we now know the release date: October. And we know that the Bottle Rocket disc(s) -- which will come loaded with all manner of bonus material, including the original short film and 30 minutes' worth of outtakes and the requisite commentary tracks and mini-docs -- will be in a bright shade of Blu-Ray. Fear not, though, as there'll be a standard-def version as well. Also, for real Wes Anderson and/or Owen Wilson fetishists, courtesy Rushmore Academy we now direct your attention to these limited-edition, handmade, not-at-all-expensive, on-sale-till-July-1 prints from, among other things, all of Anderson's films -- except Bottle Rocket, dang. --Robert Wilonsky

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