Brand X: Your Dallas Cowboys Are Set to "Swing It Around" With a Theme Song

Amazingly, we still have stashed on the server Polyphonic Spree's "H-O-O-P-S Yes!," the '07 "anthem" penned for FC Dallas -- what do you mean you don't remember? Then perhaps you recall a time when Your Dallas Mavericks were "Rowdy, Loud and Proud," courtesy PPT; and who can forget Pantera's catchy contribution to the canon in honor of Your Dallas Stars? All of which I mention this morning only because Forbes brings word of the latest local sports team theme: "Swing It Around (Cowboy Town)," the working title for a Dallas Cowboys jingle-jangle set to debut at the Arlington EnormoDome come football season, but of course.

It'll be provided by a company out of Milwaukee called Banshee Music, whose Web site soundtrack suggests we should expect a song reminiscent of mid-'80s top-of-the-pops radio or late '90s country-rock; I imagine the Cowboys anthem will sound a lot like "Big Dogs," available under the "Sports Music" samples menu ... if you dare. Banshee refers to itself as a "sonic branding agency ... the last critical component of branding," and though the site doesn't list any of the musicians responsible for the songwriting (only "Grammy-nominated producers and hit-making songwriters"), the Forbes piece says the stable includes "former members of rock bands Arrested Development and the Foo Fighters" (I'm guessing Franz Stahl?). Here's Banshee's anthem for the Green Bay Packers: "G-Force Roar." This will not end well.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.