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BREAKING NEWS: Bob Hayes Foundation Web Site Shut Down


The Bob Hayes Foundation web site - owned and operated by one Lucille W. Hester out of Washington, D.C. - was abruptly shut down this afternoon.

Maybe this is nothing. Maybe they didn't pay their bill at the first of the month. Maybe it's a computer glitch. Maybe the Bob Hayes Foundation is the only foundation in America with a link to a web site, but not an actual web site.

Or maybe, just maybe, the fact that Hester pulled the plug on the place is another example of how she might yet pass half of a DNA test, but she doesn't in any way pass the smell test.

Records seem to indicate that Hester was the caretaker of the site and the not-for-profit organization in Hayes' name.

Is this the money trail several of you have asked about in trying to determine a motivation for Hester's alleged impostor role? Or instead of providing an answer, does it only open more questions?

In other news, looks like Hayes' ex-wife and son, Bob Hayes, Jr., are off to Hawaii on Thursday for a face-to-face meeting with Hester at this weekend's Pro Bowl.

To be continued ...

UPDATE ... like right now.

Late this afternoon Hester, through her attorney - uh-oh - released a statement. It begins "Bob Hayes is my brother ..." and includes "By those standards, Bob Hayes doesn't have a "full" brother or sister."

One thing's for sure, Bob Hayes does have a son. And Bob Hayes Jr. should be the one accepting his dad's Hall of Fame jacket in Canton.

And, while she was composing this letter with her lawyer, Hester seems to have forgotten to address the Hall of Fame letter. Ya know, the one with the very fishy signatures. How convenient.

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