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British "Factual Programme" Makers Want to Shoot 3D Documentary in Dallas County Jail

Electric Sky's filmography is extremely large and extraordinarily varied, its titles ranging from Hookers for Jesus (about a born-again Vegas prostitute) to The Ronnie Wood Show (a talk show starring, of course, the Rolling Stone) to A 3D Guide to Belly Dancing (a 3D guide to belly dancing). To that roster, add one more title: Outsiders, the working title of something Electric Sky wants to shoot inside the Dallas County Jail.

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez's office will ask the county commissioners today to sign off on the deal, which, according to today's meeting agenda, will cost the British production company $1,000 a day, on top of a $25,000 security deposit and other "required insurance ... established to cover the additional costs incurred by the County as a result of the filming, including staff time, additional utilities, and wear and tear on the facilities." Says the vague-ish briefing doc presented to the commissioners:

The working title of the production is "Outsiders". It would be filmed in 3D and provide insight on how the self-contained operations are managed on a day to day basis. Interviews would be conducted with staff and inmates who are willing to participate. It is anticipated that three (3) days of filming will be performed within the jails. The Sheriff's Office will participate in the process and ensure the safety and security of the inmates and facility.
In very unrelated news, NBC's Love in the Wild is holding an open casting call on December 1 at Primo's.

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