Broden: Stop Taking Me Out of Context!

Schutze weighed in over the weekend when The News decided, look, there isn't anyone worth endorsing in the Texas 30th District congressional race -- not Eddie Bernice Johnson, not Stephen Broden, not anyone, so sorry. (A reminder: Jim's profile of the pastor appears in tomorrow's paper version of Unfair Park.) Broden, of course, lost the paper's endorsement when he told WFAA-Channel 8's Brad Watson that bloody revolutions don't have to be a thing of the past: "Our nation was founded on violence; the option is on the table." This morning, the paper's editorial board reiterated its position and offered this apology: "This newspaper wishes we had realized the toxic nature of Broden's thinking earlier and regrets that we didn't."

A Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to this response from Broden, posted yesterday. Says Broden in the video above, "Our government is justly elected but terribly misguided. And because it is justly elected, the only legitimate defense to our liberty is through peaceful change at the ballot box." Yes, but is it enough to win back Glenn Beck?

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