Dallas Cowboys

Broncos 17, Cowgirls 10. My Top 10 Observations.

10. Fox's Pam Oliver stinks. While she was busy reading some shallow, pre-orchestrated featurette, we went three series before learning that Gerald Sensabaugh was out with a bum thumb. And though Marion Barber played just one snap in the second half, we never received an update.

9. Not only is Kyle Orton not a good quarterback, he looks like Foo Fighters' lead singer Dave Grohl.

8. Think pink. I get it. Breast cancer is horrible and awareness is necessary. But with helmet stickers and cleats and gloves and towels and caps and everything else, shouldn't the NFL just make a sizable donation to some fund rather than spend the countless thousands to re-decorate an entire league's wardrobe? By the way, Tony Romo was one of the few pink-less players. Probably some lingering bitterness about Jessica's jersey.

7. If the season ended today, Keith Brooking has already made more plays than Zach Thomas did in 2008.

6. Hard to blame Terence Newman on Brandon Marshall's game-winning touchdown. He was in perfect position. Great play by a great player. Sometimes you have to grudgingly tip your cap.

5. The Cowboys haven't beaten a team with a win. If you feel the need to be irrationally optimistic, the teams they've lost to are a combined 8-0. Feel better?

4. Sitting on the couch with my buddies, after the first-down pass to Patrick Crayton that set up first-and-goal at the 8 we all said in unison - "You've got four plays, all must be throws into the end zone!" The mistake was first down, when Romo inexplicably threw a dump pass to Crayton. Instead of four attempts into the end zone, Romo threw one short and one into the ground. That's just not smart football. In fact, that's losing football.

3. And don't come in here with that Orton noise. Both of his touchdown passes were questionable, cross-your-fingers throws that could've just as easily been interceptions.

2. Question: Was Romo high? Answer: Yes. And low. And wide. And horrible.

1. Sorry, but of all my options, throwing to Sam Hurd against Champ Bailey is waaay down the list. Jason Witten? Martellus Bennett? If you throw the slant to Hurd on Bailey 10 times you'll complete it, what, 5 times? Or in this case, you'll go 0 for 2. I realize Bennett and Roy Williams and Felix Jones weren't on the field, but nonetheless Jason Garrett, you got some 'splaining to do.

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